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Empowering businesses with financial literacy

Accountant Spotlight on Tayla Kennedy

Collins Hume’s Tayla Kennedy is a dedicated accountant hailing from the Northern Rivers.

Tayla's expertise extends beyond traditional accounting and tax. Her career experiences have shaped her business advice and technical accounting expertise so her day-to-day role can vary from conducting Xero training sessions and assisting clients with software setups, to preparing financial statements and tax returns. With a degree in Business and Enterprise specialising in Accounting from SCU, Tayla brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Collins Hume.

Helping business owners make informed strategic decisions

When asked about her motivation and what gets her out of bed each day, Tayla's drive for helping people and promoting financial literacy shines through. She takes immense satisfaction in equipping business owners with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions. Forming precise and informed advice translates into helping her clients receive the best possible commercial guidance.

Tayla's proficiency with using Xero cloud accounting software and her exceptional communication skills are her strengths. She describes herself as a perfectionist who takes pride in her work, striving to deliver the best outcomes for her clients. With a keen eye for detail, Tayla ensures that her work is of the highest quality, leaving no room for ambiguity.

While Tayla excels in assisting business owners across various sectors, her time at Harvest has made her particularly comfortable in the hospitality industry and more specialised than most in providing tailored advice and support to operators in the sector.

Apart from her professional pursuits, Tayla teaches and performs as a competitive line dancer, and will demonstrate her passion for dance by competing at the World Dance Masters event at the Wintergarden in Blackpool. Alongside fellow dancers, she’ll compete in duos and teams, and will also lead the Lennox Beach Line Dancing team of members aged 8-31. Tayla's involvement in the community also extends to teaching social line dancing to senior citizens, which she describes as a beautiful experience.

Client care is the main focus

When asked about her decision to work at Collins Hume, Tayla highlights the remarkable culture and the firm's emphasis on work-life balance.

“The culture is awesome and the Partners promote a very good work-life balance, checking that we’re taking care of ourselves and our clients,” says Tayla. “The work is amazing and so are our clients — I have the perfect balance of looking after clients and helping them to make smart business decisions.”

Tayla is helping make an impact on Collins Hume clients by empowering individuals through financial literacy. She emphasises the positive power that being financially informed can have on one's life, urging people to embrace financial knowledge instead of fearing it. Tayla and the team at Collins Hume are ready to assist and guide individuals and businesses, helping them navigate the world of finance and make smart decisions.

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