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Jo Ralls from Hospitality to Ballina Business Host

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

In the bustling world of business, a dynamic personality can transform the atmosphere.

Jo Ralls, Business Host at Collins Hume, brings a fresh perspective to the traditional office environment.

Jo's journey from her home in Rangiora, New Zealand, to her current role is a global one!

Jo isn't your typical office professional.

Before joining the Collins Hume team, she had never experienced working in an office. However feeling the desire to reclaim her weekends and evenings, Jo embarked on a new chapter in a different setting. Little did she know that her game of netball that day with Senior Accountant Kristy Dooley would lead her to Collins Hume!

Jo has traversed the globe, leaving her mark in various corners of the world.

"I've managed bars and restaurants, a safari lodge in the Serengeti and taught scuba diving in the Red Sea,” says Jo. Her diverse background brings a unique perspective to her role, allowing her to connect with people from all walks of life.

What drives Jo is not just what awaits her at the office each day; it's a deep-rooted appreciation for life's simple pleasures, "For the sunrise walks on the beach and my new-found love of surfing," she says.

Within Collins Hume, Jo's day is a hive of activity. From assisting PAs with overflow work to managing client payments and handling phone queries, her role is a testament to her adaptability. What sets her apart is her innate ability to connect with people.

“I'm that person who chats to strangers and loves meeting interesting people that way.” Her flair for personable interactions adds a warm and welcoming touch to Collins Hume's office environment.

Joining the Collins Hume team in 2019, Jo found herself in an environment that resonated with her own values. "It’s a supportive environment, a great team, and close to home," she says as she looks forward to upskilling and exploring new roles within the firm in the future.

Outside of the office, Jo's zest for life takes centre stage — she's currently restoring a camper van for her camping, surfing and diving adventures. And she can fire twirl (a skill she learnt in Egypt) and is a music lover who frequents live music gigs with friends.

In Jo Ralls, Collins Hume has found not only a capable Business Host but also a genuine and vibrant soul. Her journey from hospitality to the corporate world serves as an inspiration to anyone seeking to embrace change and make their mark in new and unexpected places.


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