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Like you, we want to leave a positive and long-lasting legacy.

One that’s about contribution as opposed to consumption.

It’s important to us that we witness first-hand the positive difference we make. We want to make a ‘living legacy that will be timeless.

And every day, we feel deeply privileged to live, work and play in one of the most beautiful and prosperous regions in Australia and the world.

We want to add to that beauty and prosperity locally and worldwide. And our giving plays a part in making sure of that. 

We can make lifestyle choices on our doorstep, thrive in our locale, and our kids are healthy and robust.

Given this, it would be remiss of us not to play a small part in bringing basics such as clean drinking water, sustenance, education, and hope to people worldwide.

​That’s the kind of legacy of which we can all be proud.

To make that happen, we work both locally AND globally.

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Globally, we partner with B1G1, the global giving initiative that allows us to give generously to high-impact worthy causes worldwide every time we do business with someone like you.

Collins Hume has recently joined 1% for the Planet, pledging to donate 1% of annual revenue to support organisations focused on the environment.

Currently, only 3% of total philanthropy goes to the environment, and only 5% comes from businesses. The Planet needs more significant support than this, and our growing network of business members is doing its valuable part to increase giving and support on-the-ground outcomes.

So THANK YOU for partnering with us as we are creating smiles and changing lives.





At Collins Hume, we are well aware that we are leaving a ‘foot print’on our earth by doing business. We are conscious of this and therefore do as much as we can to rectify this.

We recycle as much as possible in our office and from our homes and even take recyclables to drop off points if our team can’t, including: 

  • soft plastics, milk bottle lids, bread bag tags (Lions Club), domestic printer cartridges, batteries, glasses, x-rays, electrical cords, mobile phones, smoke detectors, CDs and cork, learn how.

  • placing all envelopes, paper, cardboard and hard plastics into yellow recycling bins

  • returning office printer cartridges to our suppliers for refilling or recycling

  • Low energy lighting throughout our offices

  • Supporting charitable organisations that allow us to offset our carbon footprint by planting trees within Australia and abroad, such as

  • Working remotely and adopting technology to reduce our travel requirements

  • using recycled paper for printing for our office paper supplies and envelopes

  • shredding all office paperwork for recycling

  • limit landfill as much as possible by limiting single-use products by using coffee machines that don’t require pods, reusable coffee cups, having green waste bins for our compostable items, reusable client packs and bags.

Our planet needs our help, and every day we make conscious business decisions to reduce our footprint so that we can leave our planet better than we found it.

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