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Aged Care community event

To assist local residents to navigate their aged care options, Family Aged Care Advocates will be holding a local community event — Ageing Well At Home: Your definitive guide to growing older and getting help at home.

Aged care specialists Shane Hayes and Whenua Oner will be joined by various Northern NSW organisations that will come together to share facts, tips and advice and answer any questions you may have.

Family Aged Care Advocates work to keep people living in their homes as long as possible. Through individual and family consultation their aim is to provide support and close the gap in understanding what options are available to people when they require additional care.

"We meet with people and their families who are uncertain of the actual steps to take or who have simply given up because it’s all just too hard," said Shane.

"We want people to know what is possible, how to go about it and who can help them achieve their ideal outcome."

"We also know that living at home longer is not just about services that we can wrap around people. It’s about being proactive in managing health, understanding the implications of certain conditions, thinking about available resources and planning," Shane added.

It sounds like a lot of work and it can be, but it can also empower people to really own how they want to live their lives in this time."


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