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Does FBT apply to dual cab utes?

FBT on cars, other vehicles, parking and tolls

How FBT applies to cars, other motor vehicles, electric cars, car leasing, car parking and road tolls.

It’s a common myth that fringe benefits tax (FBT) doesn’t apply to dual cabs. However, this isn’t correct.

Here’s what you need to know about FBT

Cars and FBT Read how FBT applies to cars, private versus business use, car leasing, and calculating the value of a car fringe benefit.

Exempt use of eligible vehicles Your employee’s limited private use of a ute, van or other eligible vehicle may be exempt from FBT. Read more »

Electric cars exemption From 1 July 2022 employers do not pay FBT on eligible electric cars and associated car expenses. Read more »

Car parking and FBT Read how FBT applies to car parking, exemptions for small businesses and disabilities and how to calculate taxable value.

Road and bridge tolls and FBT Find out when FBT applies to road and bridge tolls, and work out the taxable value of tolls.

While there’s an exemption for eligible commercial vehicles, this applies only if private use is limited. If you are taking the work ute to the footy every weekend, you may need to re-evaluate your FBT obligations.

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