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Fixed-term employment contracts limited to 2 years

Pay secrecy, job ads and flexible work amendments

From 6 December 2023, employers can no longer employ an employee on a fixed-term contract that:

  • is for 2 or more years (including extensions)

  • may be extended more than once, or

  • is a new contract:

    • that is for the same or a substantially similar role as previous contracts

    • with substantial continuity of the employment relationship between the end of the previous contract and the new contract, and either:

      • the total period of the contracts is 2 or more years,

      • the new contract can be renewed or extended, or

      • a previous contract was extended.

The changes were introduced as part of the Pay secrecy, job ads and flexible work amendments. See the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website for more details.

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