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John Collins retires

Collins Hume celebrates John Collins' retirement

Collins Hume team, alumni, clients and friends gathered at Ballina RSL on 16 June to wish Founding Partner John Collins a happy retirement.

John, an accounting and fishing stalwart in Ballina, officially retires from the Partnership on 30 June 2021.

Collins Hume CEO, and MC, Christopher Atkinson started proceedings by saluting John's incredible public practice career. He said that John had always been ahead of his time, having initiated tax planning, flexible working arrangements and client nurturing well before the accounting profession today.

From rubber snakes in files to a fox whistle in the car exhaust, no one was safe from John. The room was regaled with numerous tales about his practical jokes over the years. In her tribute, John's current PA, Carol Holton, mentioned a hidden cracker gag that he thwarted before it went bang. Being a master of practical jokes, John had detected what was going on and told Carol that she had set it up to fail, only after she had sweated long enough first!

John then enjoyed seeing a video collage of well wishers and reminiscences from clients, friends and retired Collins Hume Partner, John Hume. As a parting gift, John received two portraits from local award-winning caricaturist, Ron Atkinson.

"When I left the ATO and started Collins Hume in 1980 I had one client and a part-time typist," said John. "Today Collins Hume has five Partners, some 20 staff and clients all around Australia and the world. I am so proud of the legacy I have helped create in Ballina."

John also thanked his wife, Lynn, for her enduring support throughout his career. He looks forward to continuing his association with Ballina Angling Club, caravanning and racking up some serious pinball scores in his retirement.

Partners Christopher Atkinson, Kelly Crethar, Jamie Doyle and Peter Fowler look forward to steering Collins Hume ahead in the future, with teams in Ballina and Byron Bay. Read more about John at Our Team.

Special thanks goes to Selina Atkinson and Carol Holton for organising such a wonderful celebration of John's career!

Image L-R: Peter Fowler, Jamie Doyle, Ian Wunsch, John Collins, Kelly Crethar, Christopher Atkinson and Shane Bartrim

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