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Marisa's Melanoma Walk Fundraiser

A Journey of Hope, Friendship and Sun-Safe Awareness

In a remarkable display of resilience, determination and community spirit, Collins Hume Senior Accountant Marisa Worling has successfully raised $8,860 in her recent Melanoma Walk Fundraiser.

With the fundraising campaign open until the end of December, Marisa is optimistic about reaching her $10,000 goal, driven by a passion to make a difference in the fight against melanoma.

One of the standout moments in Marisa's journey was her arrival at Lakes Entrance, a day she fondly describes as a highlight. Visiting St Brendans Public School, Marisa and her fellow walkers received a warm welcome from students, who actively engaged in discussions about the importance of sun safety. This interaction not only strengthened the cause but also emphasised the significance of spreading awareness about sun safety from a young age.

Throughout the walk, Marisa and her team made stops at various schools, creating an open dialogue about the dangers of melanoma and promoting sun-safe practices. The response from students was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the potential impact of such initiatives on future generations.

The camaraderie among the fundraising team was a driving force behind their success. Lifelong friendships were forged, making the journey a rollercoaster of emotions. Amidst the sadness of hearing numerous stories of loved ones lost to melanoma, there was a prevailing sense of hope. Marisa, in particular, became a beacon of inspiration, with many expressing how her story resonated and motivated them to make positive changes in their lives.

The walk was not without its challenges, as some participants faced injuries along the way. However, the strength of the walkers was evident as they rallied together, providing support and encouragement to ensure everyone crossed the finish line on the last day. This collective effort added a special and meaningful dimension to the entire experience.

As the fundraising campaign continues, Marisa remains committed to making a lasting impact in the fight against melanoma. Her journey, marked by heartfelt interactions with supporters along the 621km route, the creation of enduring friendships, and the triumph over physical challenges, serves as testament to the strength of community and the potential for positive change through collective action.

To support Marisa's cause and contribute to Jay’s Mission Melanoma Walk fundraiser, donations can still be made until the end of December. Every contribution brings Marisa one step closer to her $10,000 goal and helps raise awareness about the importance of sun safety in preventing melanoma.


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