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NSW High emitting industries grants

Key grant information

Funding is available to help high-emitting manufacturing and mining facilities in NSW develop and deploy decarbonisation projects, from feasibility studies through to commissioning.

  • Status: Ongoing

  • Grant amount: Up to $305,000,000

  • Who can apply: NSW high-emitting manufacturing and mining facilities that emit more than 0.09 MtCO2e per year. 

Program objective

High-emitting industries funding will help NSW achieve significant and sustained industrial emissions reductions by 2030, in line with NSW’s target of net zero by 2050, through the following 3 objectives:

  • Supporting decarbonisation in high emitting facilities – help NSW manufacturing and mining operations deliver value for money emissions reduction projects.

  • Accelerating transformative decarbonisation projects – prioritise innovative and ambitious low emissions projects to fast track NSW’s progress to net zero.

  • Helping industry thrive in a low carbon economy – build local skills, knowledge and jobs to ensure NSW industry prospers in a new low carbon economy.

Application timeframe

HEI funding will open for applications in October 2022 and a rolling assessment process will be implemented over a period of 2 years.

This means that applications can be submitted at any time and they will be assessed immediately following receipt.

This program is administered by Office of Energy and Climate Change and funded by NSW Treasury.



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