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Accountant Spotlight: Tamara Pavez-Santander

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Tamara joins Collins Hume’s Tamar Street team

Tamara Pavez-Santander’s quick mathematical mind and love of numbers kick off her accounting career!

After completing a double degree in commerce and international business at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Ballina local Tamara joined the Collins Hume team as a Junior Accountant in 2021.

Love of maths led Tamara to accounting

The systemised nature of accounting and problem-solving step by step was what appealed to Tamara about accounting.

“I am starting my career in the accounting industry by using my critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a graduate position with a leading firm,” says Tamara.

With her flair for maths, Tamara has quickly and easily grasped Xero, and is starting to understand the rigours of Australian tax which she applies to the personal and business tax returns she prepares.

Working directly with multiple partners and senior managers within Collins Hume has been a great way to fast-track Tamara’s knowledge as a graduate accountant.

“The mentoring has been really valuable to me and my knowledge.”

Being a regional accounting employer, Collins Hume is privileged to be able to provide meaningful pathways for young accountants to progress in their careers, and we love having Tamara on our team. We are all about locals supporting locals so it’s great to be able to employ locals too.

“Collins Hume creates a fun and enjoyable workplace. Everyone gets along and there’s great training for new accountants like me.”

As for the future, Tamara is positive about doing more with her accounting and international business skillset. Her motto, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” will hold her in good stead as she embarks on her career.

“Obviously this is just the start and everything is fresh,” she added. “But I’m up to the challenge”

Tamara holds a Bachelor of Commerce/International Business (GUGC) and she is a Xero Certified Advisor. Tamara is also a native Spanish speaker. Outside of work, she loves catching up with friends.

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