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June Henry: Making Business Bookkeeping Sing!

Updated: May 1

June Henry, a seasoned bookkeeper with a knack for numbers, joined Collins Hume with a mission to bridge the information gap between accountants and their clients.

Hailing from Meerschaum, nestled between Alstonville and Wardell, June grew up in a family rooted in both cane and dairy cattle farming. However, her true calling lay in bookkeeping — crunching the numbers and revelling in the satisfaction of achieving equilibrium.

With a motto of "It’s just gotta be fun" June infuses her work with enthusiasm that is contagious!

June's involvement in the financial world has been diverse, ranging from owning her own bookkeeping firm since 2009 to serving in roles within credit unions, HR payroll departments and even as a maître d’. Her multifaceted background has equipped her with a unique skill set, allowing her to approach bookkeeping with precision and flair.

In her role at Collins Hume, June tackles a myriad of duties including bookkeeping, BAS lodgement, and balancing the books for small businesses looking to outsource their financial tasks. With a keen eye for efficiency and a talent for communication, she not only ensures accuracy but also fosters informed conversations between accountants and their clients.

June’s dedication to bookkeeping extends far beyond balancing books. A skilled musician, she sings and plays in an Irish band, and she also enjoys Irish and ballroom dancing.

As June embarks on her journey at Collins Hume, her message is clear:

“Good bookkeeping isn't just about balancing the books,” she says. “It's about helping business owners reclaim their lives.”

By relieving the stress of financial management, June enables business owners to regain their work-life balance and cherish precious moments with their families. In essence, she is not just a bookkeeper; she is a guardian of peace of mind.


June holds a Cert IV Bookkeeping (Distinction) and she is a Certified Xero Bookkeeper, Xero Payroll Champion, MYOB Partner and Registered BAS Agent. She also has a Dip Music (Distinction) and Cert IV Music. June is a member and regional representative of the Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN), where she engages in networking activities to stay across industry trends and best practices.


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